Rental Search Service

Dear expat,

Relocators use various exclusive networks within the rental market to help you find a new home in a primary way. We’re one of the first to know when pre-market rentals in our network will be available in the Amsterdam area.

To maximize the succes of our Rental Search Service we only serve a limited number of clients at the same time.

When you decide to let us help you, please fill in your the form below so we know your wishes are and can serve you in the best way.


Main conditions:


Article 1: Scope

1.1. These terms of Services apply to all the agreements, legal relationships and other obligations between the relocator and the client.

Article 2: Definitions

  • The Relocator: the legal entity that provides in searching for a suitable rental for the client; called “Relocator” hereafter.
  • The Client: the natural and/or legal entity who provides the agreement for the Rental Search Order of Relocator, called “Client” hereafter.

Article 3: Rental Search Order of Relocator

  • Client gives Relocator the order to try to find a rental for Client;
  • Client makes a non-refundable fee payment of € 295, containing the startup costs of Relocator;
  • The Rental Search Order is activated for 8 weeks from the moment Relocator received this fee payment of € 295;
  • The fee payment of € 295 will not be settled with the success fee of 1 month of rent (including VAT of 21%) in case Relocator finds a rental for Client;
  • Relocator uses her network to find a rental for Client;
  • Relocator coordinates viewings and price negotiations for Client;
  • Relocator will serve Client as well during the formal check in when the rental is found;
  • Client can use the utility services of Relocator as well;
  • In case Relocator doesn’t find a rental for Client within 8 weeks from the date Relocator received the fee payment of € 295 from Client, all obligations between Relocator and Client will end immediately, unless Relocator and Client agree to continue the Rental Search Order and discuss new terms of services.

Article 4: Obligations of Client

  • Client understands and accepts these Terms of Services and agrees with the services by Relocator, mentioned in article 3;
  • Client agrees with a success fee of 1 month of rent (including VAT of 21%) as soon as Relocator finds a rental for Client;
  • Client will pay the success fee of 1 month of rent (including VAT of 21%) to Relocator within 2 days after signing the rental contract.

Article 5: Liability

  • Client fully agrees and accepts that Relocator can never be hold responsible or liable for any damage or negligence for whatever reason or from any agreement or contract with third parties like rental contracts, utility contracts, etc.
  • Client fully releases Relocator from any form of liability. Even if Relocator is liable, Client agrees to a maximum compensation from Relocator up to a maximum amount of € 295.