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Dear expat, 

We know when pre-market rentals are available and so we help our expats finding a new home soon in the overheated Amsterdam Area. 

Expat Homes is a trustworthy partner in a great network of real estate agents who know that we serve our clients with absolute priority. 

That’s why our success rate is over 90%. 

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To increase your chances of finding your new home we ask you to create your Personal Tenant Profile (PTP). Knowing your wishes makes our search much more easier.

Besides real estate agents and landlords prefer to know about your personal situation as well before they invite you for a viewing.

Please fill in the form below and you will receive a copy.



  • 100% No cure – No pay
  • Succes rate over 90% 
  • Success fee of 1 month of rent
  • Professional Tenant Profile (PTP)
  • Viewing support at rental locations
  • Rental Contract Check
  • Check-in support at key transfer
  • Your personal contact